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Nikko Stirling Platinum Night Eater 1-4, Mil Dot 16x44 inches and review how to find the best prices

If you're in the market for a range of quality at a good price then take a look at Nikko Stirling Platinum Night Eater. It 's like a house on a air gun Springer, as a center fire rifle and, depending on the model, the needs of a wide range of hunting and target shooting.

This article will specifically look at the Nikko Stirling Platinum Night Eater inch model 4-1-16x44 (dot mil) and tell you how you choosea good deal on one.

Nikko Stirling Platinum Night Eater 1-4 16x44 inch Review

If you do not know what these numbers so I'll briefly explain my own.

Bit 4-16 refers to the expansion. In this case, 4-16 means that add anywhere from 4x to 16x. D now you just turn a knob by hand to the body to increase the amount.

In Nikko, variable 4-16 is nice and wide and become a swimsuit shootanywhere from about 8 feet, and, much farther than most of us or our guns can shoot it anyway!

In some areas, the big budget with magnification ranges of all that you can see that the magnification of the top producing less than perfect. In the case of Platinum Nikko is not a problem, as I explain below.

The lens

The means 44, the "end bold" size lens diameter in millimeters, or, as is well knownPurpose. As a rule of thumb, the more the better in terms of light gathering, transmission and the ability to acquire and track a moving target.

This Nikko Platinum 44 mm lens is a good way of general-purpose, ideal for hunting large of all intervals ranging from 8 to 800 meters.

Nikko lenses are known for rendering quality, as in Japan at a very high quality class, then you know you are getting an excellent view.

While users' comments that "the scope is veryclear and allows light to enter a lot, even when zoomed all: "So, as mentioned above, there is no problem, as with the less expensive areas, with a clarity of vision, even at maximum zoom .

Nikko 4-16x44 Parallax also comes with an easy to use the wheel on the side. Parallax, or rather the parallax effect when you do not know is where the targets are often "seem" to push or shake their locks very difficult to fund.

Parallax solves this parametereliminating the oscillation is, it shoots much better. Nikko is a set of parameters to 10 meters high and is very easy to adjust.


Easy to use their fingers to the turrets for vertical and lateral.

Since the adaptation fund, which simply means that the left and right line of sight and the elevation from top to bottom. So, if you define the scope to the point of destination, a series of images at once, and depending on where they wereJust enter the dials, and ensure that plans in which the cross, "he said.

Physically, it seems now. This is what is known as a full-size rifle scope, therefore, not a junior or small for carabiners. It is very well packaged and presented and comes with high-quality folding plugs to protect the lens.

Stirling as a good deal for Nikko 4-16x44

The prices are very reasonable for what you get with the 4-16x44 Platinum Night Eater.Expect to pay £ 140-170 for a new one in the United Kingdom and a similar amount of U.S. dollars. To find a deal online. Store Google these days and results in high prices seem to have no problem in comparing the results.

Just make sure you buy from a reputable dealer, check to see if they continue what is their return and support policies, and how long it will go. As always, pay securely online by credit card or PayPal, if you have a maximumProtection in case of problems.

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